Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hotel: Yeng Keng - Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown

When I was walking around yesterday ( I do ALOT of walking) I came across a lovely looking boutique style hotel called the Yeng Keng in Lebuh Chulia which is right in the heart of Georgetown. It took my fancy so much I popped in for a chat and a look around. It really was a delightful looking place if you fancy the small and friendly type hotel as opposed to the more 'corporate' offerings of the big hotel chains. They have 20 rooms ranging from standardsat about RM 300 - 350 a night up to the suites at approx RM 600 though for longer stays (or those good at bargaining) you may be able to get those rates down some. They have s nice looking bar/restaurant too for that sun-downer (or sun-upper of you feel so inclined) and there is a courtyard which encloses the pool. The hotel offers free wifi forguests which is always useful.

I wouldn't give it a Top Pick yet merely because I haven't stayed there but it looks like it could well deserve one once I do. Definitely looks worth a visit and I've added it to the 'Travel Links'. The hotel can be contacted on +604 262 2177 or by e-mail (see their website).

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