Sunday, 1 May 2011

Labour Day Party - Bagan

Well, what a night!!! Got home at a rather late 4:30 am and thanks so much AGAIN to my wonderful friends William and Xi Xi for getting me back to the hotel in one piece. I only hope you got back OK. It was a really really good night at Bagan and I must send out a really heartfelt thanks to all the people I have met here that have made my stay here so memorable, people that I will be thankful to have as good friends in the years to come.

This post is nothing more really than an opportunity to show just how hospitable and welcoming Malaysia and the Malays can be and also an opportunity for me to flash some pictures of some of the nicest people I have met having fun and enjoying this time of celebration!!! I apologise that the shots are not as good as I would like but that is a result of having to leave professional equipment behind - for now. Once Bagan relocates, and I get back to Penang, a number of new sets will be taken. For me, I only hope the people in them remain the same, truly wonderful friends. I hope you like the pics!!!!

Just a quick pictorial trip this time around and no pictorial reference of Bagan would be complete without a picture of the charming and delightful manager Xi Xi who always goes out of her way to make people welcome and ensure you have a pleasant time!!

So, for all the sports enthusiasts out there, 10 points for guessing the identity of our dancer in the black top. Give up??? Ok lah. Squash followers will of course have had no problem in recognising Nicole David, World No 1 women's squash player. What a pleasant surprise that she is so friendly and down to earth. Jumped up soccer players please take note!!!!

Cocktail anyone?? My friend Bob rustles up another tantalising cocktail at Bagan. He does a wicked Mojito!!!

Just Dance!!! The renowned Lady Gaga track belted out as other friends I met at Bagan enjoyed the celebrations. Centre pic is Elise, school chum of Xi Xi!!

The man himself!! DJ Rey. And a top guy he is!!! Having listened to numerous full sets of this excellent DJ's sessions tonight he just gets better and better.

And finally, for now, no pictorial account of this night would be complete without a pic of my two really good friends Xi Xi and her husband William. Their friendliness, warmth and hospitality is truly overwhelming even though you make me stay out MUCH later than I intended!!

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