Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Anti Social Behaviour

I have seen this subject crop up on several forums as people compare Malaysia with UK or wherever they come from. I must say that compared to the UK I get a much better feeling about Malaysia, and particularly Penang, when walking around at any hour of the day, even in the late hours be it in Georgetown or down the backstreets around Gurney.

Sure you need to be mindful of crime here, just as you do anywhere (the main problem the locals warn of is the odd snatch thief on a motor scooter or even the potential for robbery if you are isolated late at night and come across an unruly bunch). In all the time I have been here though I have never experienced it, have never felt uneasy, and in particular have never come across the kind of borish and yob like behaviour that you will often see on the streets of Britain, especially when the pubs and clubs turn out.

I have also found the local population to be very friendly and helpful be they Chinese, Malay or Indian. Only yesterday I was given a lift into Georgetown by a Malay girl who stopped when she saw me standing at a bus stop, indicating that the service past there had not yet been commenced. Of course I couldn't get that in Britain, but that's largely down to the fact there where I live, despite all the promises of the Labour Government to improve public transport, there is no bus service, and no bus stops!!

Everywhere has it's problems and Britain of course is no worse than many places, and far better than some, this is just one aspect of life in many British towns that is thankfully absent in Malaysia and Penang.

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