Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HSBC (UK) Security Token Roll Out

For anyone resident in Malaysia but holding UK HSBC bank accounts you need to be aware that the security token roll out for holders of HSBC (UK) accounts and internet banking is underway and will take a few months to complete. Once tokens have been sent to you will only have 30 days during which you will be able to log on to UK internet banking without one. I would assume that for holders of UK accounts overseas that HSBC will mail the tokens to your overseas address so it would be a good time to check that your details are up to date.

HSBC Malaysia already issue security tokens for access to Malaysia based accounts. The internet banking systems for each country are different though (despite the fact you can access them via Global View) and the tokens are, as such, country specific. Thus if you have accounts in the UK and Malaysia you will be the proud owner of two tokens. Hopefully the batteries on these things last a LOOOONG time!!!

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