Thursday, 26 May 2011

Moonlight Bay - Batu Ferringhi

I was shown the Moonlight Bay development by Peggy Khoo of Ivory. It is clearly one of their premier developments and I have to say I was very impressed with the design, the location and the landscaping. To the right is a view of a villa-condo show unit interior.

Consisting of condo-villa style apartments and detached villa properties it really had a sophisticated feel to the whole place. At the time of writing there were a few condo units left (facing towards the 'Greens' and the pool areas of the development, priced at around RM 1.3m and, I believe, some of the semi D properties which go for between the RM 2.5 - 4m mark.

Very nice properties I have to say and, had my place in the UK sold, I would have been very tempted with one of the condo units. As a committed socialite though I am still a little unsure of the Batu Ferringhi location as a viable place to live long term. Depends what you want but if frequent trips to Georgetown would be on your agenda I have a feeling the trek from here would become a little tiresome if you needed to do it frequently, as would the fact that there are no eateries within walking distance nor even a supermarket close by. Nice set-up though, nonetheless and clearly right on top of the BF beaches if that appeals.

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