Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Property Agent - Penang (Top Pick)

Since I have been in Penang I have met several people who have had some pretty dismal experience with property agents. Often they have been shown a limited selection of properties with agents pushing what they have to sell, rather than seeking to understand the needs of the client and showing them properties that might match their profile.

I was fortunate in that I was recommended a very, very good agent by several people who have used her previously, a very nice lady by the name of Catherine Loh. Catherine certainly does get to understand your needs and will show you a wide variety of properties, as well as providing you with much information on the areas you may be contemplating buying. She is very friendly, helpful and , above all, knowledgeable and well connected. I have spoken to several people who have use agents in the past and when I told them of my experiences with Catherine they commented "you have been lucky then". Some clearly felt that agents were trying to "have them over" but that is certainly not the case with Catherine.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Catherine Loh to anyone looking for a property agent here in Penang and I would be happy to pass her contact details on to anyone interested. I haven't posted them here merely to avoid the 'spam bots' from grabbing the e-mail address etc. Rarely would I envisage giving a 'Top Pick' award to a person as it is mostly something I use to identify my top choices of the places I visit. I do however think it is a useful and well justified award in this case.


  1. Hi Pick of Penang, may I have the contact of Catherine Loh. I too looking for a property in Penang after living here in Sg for sometime. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi. With pleasure. If you use the 'email me' link at the top right of the blog I will get Catherine to mail you back and provide contact numbers etc. I don't publish them through the blog or comments section to avoid spam and marketing calls to her.

  3. Same for me. Catherine came recommended and was head-and-shoulders more professional than any of the dozen agents I dealt with first. She's principled, professional, and I'd always want her on my side of any negotiation table. George Walther


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