Saturday, 14 May 2011

Cafe: Old Town White Coffee (Top Pick)

If you are out and about in Georgetown and fancy a coffee you might want to try what I found to be quite a nice and stylish cafe called the Old Town White Coffee (OTWC), which is in Beach Street (not too far from Weld Quay). It's quite an upmarket place decorated in a Colonial style with a cooling white interior and comfortable seating. It makes a very refreshing change from your usual Starbucks, Coffee Bean and such like which are often functional but lack much by way of character.

OTWC offers free wifi for customers and is open daily from the early hours until 11pm with last orders being taken at 10pm. A good selection of snacks and food is offered along with a very wide range of coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drinks. Service is friendly and efficient and the prices very reasonable. I had an excellent Hazelnut Coffee which was piping hot, rich and creamy and priced at RM 4.50.

When I'm in Georgetown I imagine this is where I'll be going most of the time for a coffee. If you fancy a coffee in cafe with a bit of style and character and with a pleasant atmosphere you should give it a try.

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