Saturday, 7 May 2011

Food Court: Song River - Gurney Drive, Penang (Top Pick)

My friend Ken at No Eyed Deer recommended this place to me me as he said it did the best chicken wings in the whole of Penang. It's almost a food-court style place (somewhere between hawker and restaurant) with seating that fronts on to Gurney Drive (you can sit way back inside if you like) and it houses several places serving different types of food, mostly Chinese/Nyonya.

On this occasion though I was there for the wings!! The guy that does them is right at the front of the court and you can see the racks and racks of wings ready to be barbequeued as you enter. The helpful and bubbly staff got me a table almost on the Drive and I ordered a plate of 6 chicken wings and a large (640 ml) bottle of Tiger which at RM 13 was good value. After about 5 minutes the wings arrived and what can I say!! The were absolutely fantastic. Perfectly cooked, moist and meaty they were just oozing with flavour and the aroma merely makes you want another plate full. I don't know about best in Penang - I'd challenge anyone to find better anywhere. At RM 12 for 6 they were good value too. I have not yet tried the other food there but for a nice cold beer, a plate of the best wings ever and watching the world go buy I think it would be hard to beat. You can find Song River by turning right outside the G Hotel (as you come out the door) and it's probably 5-7 minutes walk up the road on a corner. For the wings alone, a well justified Top Pick!!!


  1. Please let me know where to find good indian food in the gurney drive area and also in rest of Penang.

  2. Hi. Depends what you are after. Hawker, mamak or restaurant. If you do a blog search on 'Indian' you will see what I have come across to date. Restaurant wise you will see I highly recommend the Kashmir and Maharajah, both in Georgetown. I am led to believe the India Palace on Jalan Tanjung Tokong is good also.


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