Saturday, 14 May 2011

Restaurant: Hai Nan Town, Weld Quay, Georgetown

The Hai Nan Town restaurant is in a somewhat enviable location, adjacent to the QE II pier on Weld Quay. It has a fairly large seating area outside with views over the Quay and numerous tables both under a covered patio and inside the restaurant which is air conditioned.

I have to say I was somewhat surprised with the menu here is it was not as extensive as I expected it to be and it comprised mostly Nyonya food. Now this is no bad thing as I like Nyonya food very much but I did expect there to be quite a wide range of, dare I say, Hai Nan province dishes on the menu. Hai Nan cuisine is quite distinguishable from much of mainland China in that it is generally lighter with much less oil being used in its cooking. Sea food and shell fish tends to predominate and the dishes are more delicately spiced than many regions. Surprising then that the only Hai Nan dish on the menu was a lamb stew??

We ordered a range of Nyonya dishes including a Kapitain chicken curry, a spicy chicken based spring roll, some mixed vegetables and spicy king prawns. The curry and the chicken roll were very nice but it has to be said that the mixed vegetables were less appealing. The prawns, though quite tasty were a little unremarkable.

Overall I was not so impressed with the Hai Nan Town I have to say. The menu was quite limited and certainly was not what I expected. I would go there again I think but I am not sure how often given the quality, range and variety of eateries in Penang. If the somewhat limited menu is not off putting the location might just make the Hai Nan a pleasant change. The meal was nice enough and was quite reasonably priced but I would not suggest this venue as a 'must do' in Penang.

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  1. Hai Nan town, was better during my last visit, some time back. In my personal opinion, I now find the food too oily, the aircon room smelly and the toilet (gents) filthy. Yes, I realize the 'gents' does not belong to the restaurant but it is still in their interest to ensure that it is cleaned up properly. I really wonder what has happened? It is a pity that a place with such pretty surroundings can deteriorate so quickly! I write this in the hope that the owners and management will wake up and take tough actions to improve the food and place. I wish you to succeed and prosper! Do something please! I want to be a proud Penangite the next time I bring friends from overseas to Hai Nan Town restaurant!


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