Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Best Char Kway Teow in Town (Top Pick)

Char Kway Teow (CKT) is a firm favourite in Penang and can be had at almost any food court and restaurant. CKT is eaten in many places in Asia but that from Penang is renowned to be the best in the World. Most people will agree though that by far the best quality, and value for money, can be had from the hawker stalls and of all the hawker stalls, none is more famous than that run by the 'red beret lady' in Lorong Selamat (in front of Cafe Heng Huat), Georgetown. Lorong Selemat runs between Jalan Burma and Jalan McAllister in the eastern part of Georgetown.

Now this place is popular!! People have been known to queue here for an hour, even two, just to get a plate of this delicious fried noodle based dish with prawns, cockles and as much chilli paste as you can handle. Yes it's expensive, well, compared to other hawker stalls here, but hey, we're talking RM 7 here!!!!

I went at about 3pm one afternoon so had avoided both the lunch time and middle evening heavy rushes where that one hour wait might become a reality for you. But it's easy to see why. The CKT here is scrumptious. Very fresh, very well cooked and all of the ingredients manage to maintain their texture here, in contrast to some of the less popular stalls where they can tend to much down a little. Additionally the smoking red hot wok that 'Auntie', as she is affectionately known (or not so affectionately for some - just Gooogle), uses really impart a distinctive flavour. So, if you are going to try just ONE CKT here in Penang, do make sure it's this one, just try to avoid the rush. A highly recommended Top Pick!!

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    hopefully her attitude has changed since then.

    i would recommend http://www.what2seeonline.com/2009/02/ah-leng-char-koay-teow-lorong-selamat-char-koay-teow-penang/


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