Sunday, 22 May 2011

Apple Prices - Malaysia

Just for those who are going to Malaysia either to live or for a holiday and who may be contemplating buying some Apple goodies while there (and no I don't mean Golden Delicious or Royal Gala), these are a few prices from the store called ‘Switch’ in Gurney Plaza which is an authorised Apple re-seller. iPhones are mainly offered through authorised resellers on a contract basis in Malaysia (though these are actually quite reasonable) and, while you may be able to get the phones without contract at other outlets, you need to be careful of their origins (and related warranty matters) as many can be ‘grey’ imports.
iPhone buyers also need to be particularly careful as the Apple warranty on these always used to limit warranty work to the country of purchase, unlike other devices where the warranty is world-wide. It could be that this policy was to restrict the purchase of unlocked phones and their being imported to countries where the phones are sold on a locked only basis. The ‘supply locked’ of iPhones is becoming less problematic now as most countries offer the phones through more than one provider in contrast to many of the single distributor agreements that were around when the iPhone launched. Anyone contemplating buying an iPhone in a country other than where they live/work would be well advised to check the status of their warranty with official Apple distributors before buying. Sellers will often claim to offer a warranty but this is likely to be through an unauthorised agent which could be problematic if things start to go wrong.
Mac Book Pro
  • 2.3 Ghz – RM 3,699
  • 2.7 Ghz – RM 4,599
Mac Pro
  • 2.8 Quad Core – RM 8,199
iPad 2 (Wi-Fi)
  • 16G - RM 1,899
  • 32G – RM 2,199
  • 64G – RM 2,499
iPhone prices to follow.

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