Thursday, 25 August 2011

Two More Blogs

I keep quite a tight rein on the number of blogs I subscribe to and an even tighter one on those I rave about and promote on here. Two that have grabbed my attention of late are:

Retired in Malaysia: This is a cracking blog (with links to a previous 'version') written by a US citizen living here in Penang under MM2H. It offers a lot of information that will be useful and of general interest to anyone and particularly those looking for a US centric view of how things work here compared to the US (e.g. the very different banking systems).

Pillow Talk with Bangsar Babe: If the name itself isn't enticing enough the content of this blog sure will be. Now this really is an excellent food blog from a resident of KL (as if you couldn't guess from the name). It is very professionally presented and the articles and photography are superb.

Both well worth following!!

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