Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Catvoque Events Production

Many readers will know of my very good friends Xixi, from Bagan, and William (her hubby) and on Sunday 14 August I was very grateful to be invited by them to attend the Mr and Miss SE Asia result contest at the Hard Rock Hotel in Batu Ferringhi, Penang. The event was actually very good and the final 20 or so contestants fought for the final two places in both this event and Mr and Miss Tourism. The evening was a mix of seeing the contestants in a variety of gear (beach wear, formal and casual etc.) together with a talent display which, oddly they could opt in or out of (surely it's fairer if either they all do it or no-one does?). It was a great success despite the best efforts of the compere who, in all honesty, couldn't have done a worse job if he'd tried. The grand finale of his efforts came at the end when he was announcing the winners, leaving out one VITAL piece of information. WHAT PLACE / TITLE THEY'D WON!!! It was actually amazing to look around at the crowd all of whom were totally bewildered as to what was going on, who had come second or first and for which title, and at the end of the night they left the event pretty much clueless as to who had won what. Totally bizarre!!

For me though the highlight of the evening, aside from the pleasure of seeing my favourite chums in Penang, was the performances by Soo Ong (a very talented singer who also performs at Bagan on a regular basis) and Catvoque, a cabaret / show troop who put on a limited version of one of their shows for the audience. Some may not be aware that Xixi was a regular and lead member of Catvoque and who still occasionally performs for them. On this evening however the troop was led by the very charming and talented Eleen who I have met a few times now and embarrassingly fail to recognise each time, including this time!!! She is quite stunning and is a master of very tasteful style changes!!! What follows is a few shots taken with a compact camera (hardly the best tool for the job) of some of the performances on that night.

First up, a shot of Xixi and Eleen chatting at the start of the event

Next, Eleen in slightly different attire performing to part of a Lady Gaga medley

And again, I liked this costume biggrin and the routine twisted

The final group at the end of the Lady Gaga melody. It's clear that all the dancers enjoy what they do but also that they work long and hard to get it right!!

A shot from a different routine, the routines are split almost seemlesly with very quick costume changes, each as dazzling as the other.

A further shot. Despite dancing for a long time you can see and feel the energy of the dancers right up until the end of the last set. These guys and gals are fit!!!

For me this was a superb night and it was great to actually see the Catvoque dancers in action, albeit that this was a very limited session and without the whole team. A big thanks from me to William and Xixi and of course to Eleen (who I am DETERMINED to recognise next time I see her despite the stunning changes in style) and the dancers!! They really are very talented and professional and anyone hosting an event or party that wants a touch of class and something different to wow the crowds should really consider trying to get Catvoque to perform. They have a Facebook page here and you can also contact Catvoque by calling:

+60 12 405 8026

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