Sunday, 28 August 2011

Bagan: 'MerdekaRaya' Party (Weds 31 Aug)

My favourite bar and restaurant, Bagan (Jalan Bagan Jermal), will be hosting a joint Merdeka / Raya party on Wednesday 31 August. The parties I have been to at Bagan have always been entertaining and lively and I suspect this one will be no different!!

Rozz will be singing alongside the very good band 'The Frequency' and of course my favourite DJ Jey will be spinning the hot sounds of the moment. I'm sure that once again this party will be an immense success and one of the last that will be hosted by Bagan in its current location. So if you fancy a great night out with great company and some excellent music and entertainment head off to Bagan for the 'MerdekaRaya Party'.

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