Monday, 1 August 2011

Medical Insurance - MM2H Requirement (update)

So, the time finally arrived for me to get the medical insurance that is needed for the MM2H visa. There was no rush really as I will not go to KL to collect the visa until after 6 August but, at least getting it done, it means everything is out the way.

I pondered this subject long and hard (or as long and hard as time permitted given all that emigration throws at you in the first few weeks) and had drawn up a shortlist of either (please see a previous medical insurance post for all the links):
  • Kurnia
  • AIA
  • Prudential
  • Great Eastern
  • Hong Leong
  • April Mobilite
Over the coming year I will do much more in depth research into all these policies but for now I just don't have the time, or the inclination to be honest, too much to do still, so the decision was to go with Kurnia as they seem to provide good coverage, are a well placed and well respected local company and are able to process the application etc swiftly.

The Kurnia office is based in Lorong Selamat (home to the best char kway teow in Penang) and is conveniently not far from the Burmah Road office of TM Streamyx (if you are contemplating sorting you internet/landline connection the same day, as I was). The office is quite easy to find. There is a Hyundai showroom on the junction of Jalan Burmah and Lorong Selamat and the Kurnia office block is about 50 yards down on the same side of the road as Hyundai. It's an 8 storey office block and is clearly signed 'Buy/Renew Insurance - Kurnia'.

Following a discussion, and previous e-mail correspondence, with the very helpful Angel Lim I decided to opt for the MediGuard Premier policy with the medical card option (much less hassle if you need to check in to a hospital or clinic as there are then no questions asked an no bills to pay up front). I won't go into full details of the cover as they can be found at the link above. I chose to go for Plan 3 but without the 'Outpatient' option (as a rule I tend to visit the doctor rarely and, hoping that trend will continue, I figured it not worth the cost).

Costs will vary according to age and the level of cover you opt for but I found them very reasonable at about RM 1,100 in my case, and in stark contrast to some of the international policies that seem to base there premiums more on the cost of medical care in the US and Europe than in Malaysia. I also know of a few people who have policies with Kurnia (they also provide buildings/contents and auto cover) and who are very satisfied. I am also told that their processing of claims and payments is very efficient and swift.

In order to apply for cover you will need:
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your MM2H acceptance letter
  • Proposal form (which can be mailed to you for you to print and complete or it can be done at the office)
  • Medical report (in this case a copy of the MM2H RBII medical report will suffice so it's worth getting this done first and saving some money rather than get a medical done for this AND then a medical for the RB II).
The Kurnia site does have the details of contact addresses for their offices throughout Malaysia and this also lists e-mail addresses. Once I had contacted Kurnia by mail I received a very prompt reply which included a prospectus/brochure, a proposal/application and a supplementary questionnaire (CPF) which is not needed if you medical report shows you 'all clear'. Your premium can be paid on the day (albeit they need to confirm acceptance of your proposal with the KL offices) either in cash or with a local or international credit card, for which there are no surcharges.

Another job done and I'm happy I have got medical cover sorted so quickly.

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