Sunday, 21 August 2011

Restaurant: Michaelangelo's - Gurney Plaza, Penang

On my first visit to Malaysia I was taken to a Michaelangelo's outlet in The Pavillion in KL by a casual acquaintance and I have to say that while I eat Chinese, Indian and Malay food the vast majority of the time, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food and the service of this restaurant in KL.

I am pleased therefore that for the odd time I might fancy an Italian meal in Penang that a Michaelangelo's opened up opposite Starbucks in Gurney Plaza (GP) on 11 August. It is a stylish, clean and tidy looking place with seating both inside (air-conditioned) or outside on the terrace which fronts onto the 'coffee quadrangle' at GP. I went to the restaurant recently with some of my very good chums from Kedah (from bottom left in the pic Lucas, Samantha, Tommy and Janet) and we did have a very good time and a very good meal.

I had a Spaghetti Carbonara which was very nicely flavoured with cheese and was not swimming in a creamy sauce which is a mistake many restaurants make with this dish outside of Italy. This cost around RM 29 which is about the cost of most of the dishes here. One of the diners had a very nicely cooked fillet of salmon at around RM 45 and another a well prepared and presented Lasagne, the filling having just the right balance of tomato, garlic and oregano, again at around RM 30. We had gone in happy hour (3pm - 9pm) so, amongst other drinks, got three pints of Kilkenny Irish Ale for the price of two (RM 48).

The restaurant has an extensive menu with a good range of starters, mains, deserts and snacks and a very wide range of soft drinks, alcohol and hot beverages. I really like Michaelangelo's I must say and will certainly visit the place on a regular basis. Worth checking out IMO. The food will be slightly more expensive here due to the location but still not prohibitively so and much more reasonable than Western prices IMO.


  1. hey there. i would like to ask you about the prices. is that expensive while still affordable? like the prices are around what prices? thanks.

  2. Hi, thanks, you reminded me I hadn't gone back and put any prices in here!! I consider it to be pricier here than at restaurants which are not in premier locations such as Gurney Plaza and Straits Quay etc. But I do mean pricier, more expensive, not expensive per se. Around RM 30 for me, the average price of dishes here, is very reasonable compared to many Western restaurants. Put any of those in a premier location and the prices often become astronomical. Hope that helps.


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