Saturday, 27 August 2011

Restaurant: Kapitan - Chulia St, Penang, Georgetown.

My sincere thanks go to my good friends Jessie and Calvine of Lengkapp Impresif Enterprises for pointing me in the direction of this establishment which is very well know to the locals and is VERY VERY popular.

Kapitan (not to be confused with the countless other restaurants and coffee shops bearing this name, and the name of a Malaysian style of curry) is in Chulia Street but almost at the Quay Weld end (but before Chulia St changes into Greater Chulia St). You can’t miss the place as it has a very bold red signboard. I called in one lunchtime recently and only had a quick snack there which doesn’t really do it full justice in terms of a review. They have a fairly extensive menu and a wide range of drinks on offer but for a quick lunch I was recommended by the staff to try the plain nan mixed plate which consists of a piece of tandoori chicken, a plain nan, some onion salad, a small serving of curry sauce and a helping of daal. All of these I have to say were very nice and the tandoori chicken was very tasty indeed (albeit pretty much anywhere would struggle to match the quality of that served at the Kashmir) and at RM 8.50 plus RM 3.50 for a very tasty and cooling banana shake it was good value for money.

Yes I only called in there for a light lunch but on the basis of what I saw, how busy the place was, the quality and price of the meal I had and the fairly extensive menu I can recommend the Kapitan. For a lunch or even a less formal evening meal I think it would be a very good option and, judging by the numbers of customers I see there during both the day and at night, a great many people agree. Maybe you should give it a try!!!

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