Saturday, 27 August 2011

Smart Phone Application: 'MyDistress' (Selangor)

I recently came across this excellent use of technology by the police in Malaysia. It is a smartphone application called 'MyDistress' which basically allows you to send a distress signal to the police whether you are either at a pre-defined fixed location (e.g. your home) or if you are out on the street. Having registered the application your device will then send the 'alert' to the police with details of your precise location, very useful if you are unfamiliar with your surroundings and saves the time of trying to find out where you are. Currently the service is only available in Selangor and it would be good to see its use extended throughout Malaysia, including of course Penang.

Full details of MyDistress can be found here and the Apple App Store link is here. The application is currently only available in the Malaysia App store to which you will need to switch if you wish to download it. The application is available for a variety of smartphones including those running Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone (with Java 2me).

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