Thursday, 18 August 2011

Instant Coffee

I have to say that instant coffee is not normally a thing I would blog about being a lifelong lover of pure Arabica coffee, ground fresh, and made in a percolator of some sorts, or even a cafetiere if you are in a rush. Since coming to Penang though I have tried, and developed a liking, just for a change, for two particular brands of instant coffee.

The first is marketed under the Old Town White Coffee brand, a chain of coffee shops in this part of the world whose coffee is really very good. I am a particular fan of the Old Town outlet in Bishop Street, Georgetown and will nearly always go for a coffee there when in town, being particularly fond of the hazelnut coffee there. Indeed it was this that caught my eye when walking around Tesco in Tanjung Tokong recently. Sold in bags containing 15 '3 in 1' (coffee, creamer and sugar) 'sticks' I decided to give it a try and I must say I was most impressed. Most instant coffee I tend to avoid like the plague but this really is delicious. Since trying that I have also tried the Old Town White Coffee regular which is also very good. The bags cost around RM 14 for 15 servings so at less than RM 1 each they are a very good buy IMO and I keep both in the cupboard for a quick and tasty coffee fix.

I was also introduced to another instant coffee recently which comes in bag form (similar to tea bags) and this is a local blend of coffee with sugar added and which is particularly popular with many of the locals. It is called Kopi 'O' and again can be found in most supermarkets at around RM 8 for 15 servings, each of which is sealed in an individual foil bag.

It has to be said that both of the above coffee brands deliver sizeable portions so you really need a good sized mug for them as they would likely fill 2-3 small cups with ease.

If you just fancy a home brewed instant coffee I can recommend the Klassno Gold (it can be found under 'Products' / 'Instant Coffee' at the link, bottom left) instant coffee sold at around RM 14 for a 100g jar. This is just as good as many of the well known European / Western 'gold' blends that can sell at 2-4 times the price and I keep this in for emergencies.

Finally, for a good quality fresh coffee you should give the Native Organico brand a try which is certainly sold in Cold Storage and likely elsewhere. It is 100% pure Arabica and very good quality. It can be bought ready ground or in bean form. Now all I need is another kitchen cupboard for all this coffee!!!

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