Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hair Stylist - Tanjung Tokong (Straits Quay)

Now, I have found to my cost that wandering into to any old hair stylist can meet with some pretty devastating results. You may get lucky of course or you may end up getting scalped or come away with a coiffure's interpretation of a traffic accident. As such, always better I find to go somewhere based upon recommendation, perhaps not if the recommendation comes from someone sporting said 'traffic accident' hairstyle though.

For those in the Tanjung Tokong area, or indeed those venturing there to visit Straits Quay (men or women), I can thoroughly recommend the Hair Flair salon which was in turn recommended to me by a good friend (whose hairstyle is very attractive) and a long standing customer of the salon. The owner is a very talented stylist by the name of Ricky and they relocated to this new location in mid-July from their previous shop in Island Plaza. The salon is on the upper / first floor of Straits Quay plaza and if you enter the plaza through the front main doors (e.g. not the from the Marina side) you merely turn right, go all the way down to the end (past the Papa Rich and Blue Reef restaurants) and up the escalator to the first floor. The salon is then just in front of you and to your right a little.

The salon is very well equipped with friendly staff and first time visitors to a stylist in Malaysia may find the practices in salons here somewhat strange at first, albeit I think they are MUCH better than those in Europe. Common practice here is for your hair to be washed as you sit in the stylists chair, nowhere near a sink. They use shampoo and a small bottle of water to create a lather, massaging the scalp at the same time. You also get a shoulder and neck massage. After that it's off to a reclined chair backing on to a sink for the rinse. You then return to the stylists chair for a cut (and a very welcome cup of Chinese tea) then back to the reclined chair for a further rinse. After that it's a dry, styling and final touches. For the ladies of course it will get as complex as it needs to for whatever you are having done.

Compared to the costs in Europe my wash, cut and style here cost a very reasonable RM 48 and for me is excellent value for money. The salon is popular and it may be a good idea to phone ahead for an appointment.

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  1. I wanna go there,near my house.i want to do rebounding and bit curl at d end..just wondering how much it will costing me!!


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