Friday, 1 April 2011

Kuala Lumpur to Penang - Travel Options

After a couple of nights in KL I will relocate to Penang and have been trying to decide the best option. For me it's down to a choice of 4 as I don't plan on hiring a car until I'm in Penang):
  • Air
  • Train
  • Taxi
  • Bus
The problem with air travel for me is that while the flight may be cheap(ish) and quick, by the time you factor in travelling to the airport, check-in, waiting for the flight and disembarkation etc. it soon mounts up to a few hours wasted.

The train is an option and while I will happily trundle around the country more by train when I am there I am not sure I fancy it for the crossing to Penang. In addition, the train only goes to Butterworth and many people then take the ferry across to Penang followed by a taxi to wherever. As I will be lugging a suitcase around this option doesn't appeal.

I believe there are also interstate taxis that you can get and while I haven't discounted the option I'm not sure what the prices are or, given that the travel time will be the same, if there are any benefits over coach/bus travel.

So, logically we come to the option I will most likely go for and will check it out whilst in KL. I will look to take a bus from Puduraya Station (people advise to only buy your ticket from the station itself) and seek out one that goes direct as I understand that some will stop off at Ipoh. The trip will take 4-5 hours but will give me chance to see some of the country en-route rather than sitting around in an airport. I'm not too sure of the cost yet but suspect it will be between RM40 - 80. I will update this when I find out for sure.

There is a Malaysian Travel Information site that I found that is quite useful and that I have added under 'Useful Links'.


  1. Bus a good option and yes get a direct one. Once in Penang the long distance bus station is a little way out of Georgetown so you either get ripped off by Penang taxis (as bad a Pt Klang cruise terminal ones...and thats bad)or wait for a commuter bus into Komtar. If you choose plane, there are inexpensive buses from KL Sentral rail station to both KLIA and LCCT. Takes about an hour.

  2. Hmmmm. That's bad news (taxi rip offs). I still fancy the bus over flying though, get to see more on the way. What about the trip from Penang Airport to BF or Georgetown? Same issues or are there vouchers available there??

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