Thursday, 14 April 2011

Final Preparations

Only a few days now and I'm making the final preparations for the trip:
  • Currency: Picked up my Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) from the Post Office (commission free in the UK) the other day. Rate was OK (ish) at about 4.96 to the £1. Guidance is that you are allowed to take no more than RM 1,000 into or out of Malaysia. How rigidly this is checked I'm not sure, nor indeed am I sure of the consequences if you are over.
  • Electricity/power points: I gather that the power-points are UK style 3 (square) pin which will save on my having to carry adaptors, albeit they are dirt cheap from many local stores if needed. These adaptors I normally take to convert continental 2 (round) pin to UK 3 pin. It seems that if anything, one living there, you are more likely to need an adaptor to convert the UK style 3 pin sockets to accept 2 pin plugs which small electrical items seem to be supplied with.
  • Car rental: I plan to hire a car for week or so while I'm in Penang and Labelle Car Hire has been very highly recommended (Joe in Georgetown). I have added the company to the 'Useful Links'.

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