Saturday, 30 April 2011

Now that's what I call a DJ!!!

Just for a change I returned to Bagan last night, initially intending to call in for just one drink on the way home from Straits Quay. I'd caught the bus back from SQ and it will stop just outside Bagan so I thought "why not".

It was a good night with most of the tables full and a group of revellers who were clearly having a grand time for what seemed to be a birthday celebration. The band was there of course together with the singer Roz who, as I have commented upon before is very good.

Aside from the general buzz of the place, what tempted me to stay longer was the DJ for the night, a guy called Jey of PitchWizard DJ Academy. Now I have to say that THIS guy is a good DJ. He played a superb mix of music both contemporary and some classics and the sessions were really well put together. He has good interaction with the crowd and ensures that the volumes and levels are perfectly balanced. All in all a really cracking night with, at last, music played by a really good DJ. I was chatting to Jey at the end of the evening and he said that he had worked in the UK for some time and it shows. The club scene there is quite sophisticated and the standard of the DJs mostly very high as the clientele would not tolerate some of the abysmal performances I have seen elsewhere. Now, if only Jey was playing at SS it would go along way towards redeeming the place for me. Jey will be playing at Bagan again tonight (Saturday 30 April) as there is a Labour Day party there. I suspect I will be there also.

Jey can be contacted on

I would also like to thank Xi Xi and her husband William for getting me back to my hotel safely and in one piece.

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