Sunday, 3 April 2011

Blog Layout

Been messing around with the layout of the blog a little, can't make my mind up on which I prefer. There seems to be two prominent schools of thought on layout. Option 1 is that you have all the contact blocks (chat, follow, email, subscribe) at the top so people can see it quickly and subscribe etc. (following the logic that this is the layout many websites follow), option 2 is that you have all your blog related 'blocks' at the top (archive, labels and search box etc), followed by other relevant blocks (useful links, abbreviations etc etc.), with all the contact related links at the bottom.

At first I was using option 2 and thought I'd give option 1 a try. I can see the point but I'm not quite sure. Clearly I can revert to the original layout and another option would be to do a halfway-house (an option 1a) with minimal contact information at the top (say email me and chat) and move all the other stuff to the bottom again. Equally, I could just leave it as it is now. As the blog is mainly about the content and information, as opposed to social networking and chat etc., I am leaning towards reverting to option 2 at the moment. I'll leave it like this for a week or so, any comments welcome.

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