Thursday, 31 March 2011

Penang Street (Hawker) Food - iPhone Application

I have recently come across the "Penang Hawker Food" blog (which I have added to "Useful Links") and which provides an interesting read in readiness for my impending trip. It is updated quite often and provides detail of a wide range of food and even specific stalls and their locations.

From reading the blog, and in a moment of extravagance, I decided to buy the iPhone Ap which is referred to in the blog, "Penang Street Food". It looks quite good and it will be useful to carry the info around, at least until I become more familiar. It can be purchased through iTunes at a cost of £1.19. They do a free version and also a "Halal friendly" version. I opted for the paid version as it shows a great deal more information about the types of food. The Ap provides details of the top fifteen hawker foods to try and details of 160 stalls, their hours and also turn by turn guides on how to get to them, utilising the iPhone GPS (for 3GS and after).

For anyone who really wants to be up to the minute with any comments from the publisher of the Ap you can follow PSF on Twitter.

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