Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hotels - Penang

For a variety of reasons I have altered my plans in terms of accommodation whilst in Penang. I was looking forward to renting the apartment I had on offer in Batu Ferringhi but that will now be somewhat impractical. As such I have looked closer at hotels, and two in particular, the G Hotel and the Evergreen Laurel, both on Gurney Drive and quite well placed. Contact with the hotels by e-mail proved beneficial in terms of securing favourable rates.

The G Hotel, currently listing at around RM 405 for a standard room on Agoda and Asia Travel, have offered me a rate of RM 250 per night. This is on a long-stay basis though but represents a considerable reduction on the best internet rate. The hotel has free internet access in the room and has wifi - essential on the blog front!!!! It looks a nice hotel and has very good reviews. They also throw in 2 pieces of laundry daily at this rate.

The Evergreen Laurel offered me a Deluxe sea view room with breakfast and 3 items of laundry per day at RM 200 per night. Some of the reviews of the hotel were not so hot however and it appears, at least from the internet pages, that the G maybe a little more modern if, as has also been suggested, al little more 'sterile' looking.

Both of the above rates exclude the Government tax of 6% and the hotel service charge at 10% (often written as ++ on sites/quotes). On balance I have decided to stop at the G, a decision I may end up kicking myself for bearing in mind what the Evergreen was offering. The G rate does not include breakfast but as there is a mall/food court next door I don't consider that a problem. There was an offer of RM 270 ++ for a room with breakfast but I figure I'd rather try some variety rather than be tied in to a hotel buffet which I might decide to try just once or twice if I can't be bothered to go out.

As I contacted the hotel direct I have of course made the booking direct and, while I do not earn the 'points' from booking with Agoda or Asia Travel (see Travel Links), I do benefit from being subject to the hotel cancellation policy as which is more flexible. My card is also not charged and the details not in the hands of any intermediary. I did also contemplate trying to secure a good rate while I was there, rather than booking in advance as it was suggested that this was a good idea. Whilst it is an option I am glad I booked as standard rooms are no longer available, maybe it is down to the time of year (Easter and May Bank Holidays etc.). Equally I am ver happy with both the rates offered and am not so sure I would have been able to get even as good, let alone better, as a 'walk-in'.

I will go and check out the Evergreen while I am there, and likely a few other hotels to compare rooms, quality, standards and facilities etc. and I will update the blog accordingly, together with a more in-depth review of the G Hotel.


I had contact from two other hotels today, also quoting long-stay rates (14 nights +). Just for the record then these were the rates at the time of writing:

Traders (Georgetown): 205++ per night for a Deluxe Room and 315++ for a club room. They have broadband access but I am not sure if this is complimentary or not.

Eastern and Oriental: 560++ per night for a Deluxe Suite with sea view. A very nice hotel but at a price. Good for special occasions though

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