Sunday, 17 April 2011


Only 3 days now until I leave for Malaysia!! Looking forward to it I must say. Need a break and it will nice to experience life there, check out some places to live and eat, eat, eat!!!

I will doubtless look to get out and about during the evenings and will post thoughts on the various places I visit. There's a 'social' being organised by the ever so friendly MM2H crowd on 3 May so I suspect that will be both pleasant and informative. I'm also meeting up with Catherine Loh when I am there, a property agent who was recommended to me and all of these contacts will I'm sure also provide useful information on where to go and not to go.

My time in KL will be quite limited so I will hit a couple of the haunts which seem to be popular, including the Sky Bar at Traders and a few others. In Penang from what I can gather there is a good selection on the strip that runs outside the Eastern & Oriental Hotel. There is a place called Bagan, a nice looking bar/restaurant, which has been recommended there that I plan to try. I am sure I will seek out others and will post reviews of those I try. Meanwhile, if anyone knows of any 'must do' places, let me know.

NB: The first in a more in-depth series of articles covering Penang's nightlife can be found here.

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