Saturday, 30 April 2011

Coach Travel / MM2H Car Prices

I would like to thank my friend Mario who has been living in Penang for several months (and will be a neighbour of mine in the coming years) for giving me the details of two websites. Firstly is the Aeroline Coach Company which has a service between Penang and KL. They travel to other locations as well. The coach from Penang departs from outside the Queensbay Mall and, after a stop half-way, arrives in KL at the Corus Hotel in Jalan Ampang. The journey time will likely be about 4.5 hours total. The coaches look nice as they are twin deck with an upper seating area and a lounge and toilets on the lower level. I understand they also serve light refreshment on the journey. A single ticket costs RM 60 and the service departs just twice a day at 08:30 and 15:30 seven days a week. I will likely try this service on my return to KL. I have added Aeroline to the 'Travel Links'.

Something I need to ponder is whether to import a car into Penang under the MM2H incentive scheme or whether to just buy a locally assembled car. I am not a car person anymore and really intend to use it to get to the shopping malls and for the odd run to Georgetown etc. As such I have no desire to run a large or luxurious car here so something that is small (parking in Penang can be a problem at times), cheap to run and cheap to fix will likely fit the bill for me. I need to look at this more when I return to the UK and will consider such things as spec, VAT savings, container costs (to ship to Malaysia) etc etc etc before deciding. Mario has provided me with the link to this site which may well be useful for some comparison purposes. A popular car here seems to be the DVVT who have a small hatch-back that is quite nice. I am told it is likely to be updated this year. Much more on cars and import/buy local to follow.

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