Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Grandeur of Beauty: Straits Quay (2)

These shots are from the second day at the Grandeur of Beauty event. By this time I was starting to come down with the same nasty bug that seems to have affected a lot of people of late (and which was to really knock me for six on Sunday/Monday!!!). The lighting was very poor too, this was rectified the next day with the addition of spotlights for the shoots. A pre-event shot of one of the models from a bridal gown and make-up show.

The two models in this pre-event shot were great fun.

A casual shot of Amber Chia, Asia's top Super-Model, a very friendly and charming person too.

My favourite contestant of from this event, again, friendly and jovial too!!

Another of the contestants.

Final contestant shot.

A shot of the models and make up artists at the conclusion of the event.

Some of the cheerful and friendly models from the Amber Chia Modelling Academy, Penang.

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