Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Grandeur of Beauty: Straits Quay (3)

Final day of the Grandeur of Beauty event at Straits Quay, hosted by top Malaysian event organisers Intrensionale. This was a big day at the show with the France Taipei bridal gown show with Amber Chia and models from the Amber Chia Academy and also Velvet Productions, a live interview with the lovely Leng Yein (Korean/Malaysian Ambassador for Lafa IPS Cosmetic Solutions) and an excellent make up event (including a superb fantasy element) from Style Flash Beauty and Image Centre. I had and made a number of good friends on this day so, like day one, this one turned out to be a lot more personal for me. It was also busier!!!! Hence the number of pics!!!!

First up, a shot of my friend the very lovely Leng Yein (centre pic), Korean/Malaysia ambassador for Lafa IPS Cosmetic Solutions, who opened the day with an hour-long live interview on stage. The hall was packed for this event which was very well received indeed!!

Having to get this close to beauties like Leng Yein for shots such as this can make for a tough life wink

The next event was the France TeiPei Bridal evening and bridal gowns show with the clothes showcased by stunning models from the Amber Chia Academy including the lovely Shyuan Tan. Let the show commence!!!

My friend and gorgeous model Melinda Lee (Velvet Productions / Amber Chia Academy) - evening gown.

Hot stuff!!! Another stunner from the Amber Chia academy Shapig Tan - evening gown.

Another one of the lovely Amber Chia academy models, Sofia Yeng, poses for the evening gown show.

Few can fail to recognise this shot of the girl herself, Asia's top super-model Amber Chia, here posing during the France Taipei Bridal Gown Show. Despite her status she remains a charming, friendly and sociable person. Other super-models take note ya!!!!

A closer shot of Amber Chia.

A stunning shot of the beautiful Melinda Lee - bridal gown.

Another shot from the bridal gown show - Sofia Yeng from the Amber Chia academy

Following the bridal and evening gown show the next event was the make up show featuring artists from Style Flash Beauty and Image Centre. Prior to the event I grabbed a few shots of the preparation stages. Here, the delightful model Celine Chin remains cheerful and friendly even during the hours of careful preparation.

Models from the Amber Chia academy relax between shoots. Looking like this 'off duty' it's easy to see why they are in demand. Nice people too!!! The girl in the black top facing the camera is Shyuan Tan.

Event organiser Andrew Chan from Intrenasionale presents guest judge for the make up event, Leng Yein, with a certificate.

The Make-Up event then commenced and comprised a fabulous 'Fantasy Creature' component. The talent and skill demonstrated for this event is outstanding. Here, my good friend and Catvoque dancer Inez Siow performs as 'The Headhunter' in the Fantasy Make-Up competition. Make up was by the very talented Evonne Lim.

Guest judge Leng Yein deliberating over the contestants for the fantasy make-up competition.

The gorgeous Celine Chin during the make-up show.

The beautiful Jaymee Lim poses during the make-up show. Stunning!!

The lovely Ambline Tan, another one of the fantasy make-up entrants.

Celine Chin was without doubt one of my favourites of this show. Very photogenic and very pleasant too!!!

Evonne Lim and Inez Siow are awarded 1st runner up in the Fantasy Creature make-up competition. A tough event and a great result!!!

The very talented make-up artist Evonne Lim with Inez Siow.

At the end of a loooong and tiring day a nice meal with even better company at Northam Food Court, Penang. Out with Leng Yein and her friends and colleagues from KL and Penang.

All of the models and artists are in demand here and if you wish to contact any of them for events and such like feel free to contact me by mail and I will sort out their preferred contact details for you. Many more original / publicity shots available on request.

Thank you to everyone for a great 3 days and a great event!!!!!!

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