Wednesday, 7 September 2011

TM Streamyx: Paying online (HSBC) / billing language

A quick one for existing and any potential users of HSBC that may not be aware. TM Net / Streamyx, the providers of landline and broadband internet offer a range of options to pay your bill here including via ATMs (local banks only), credit card auto-pay, online banking and at various cash collection points.

For customers of HSBC who wish to pay online you merely select the 'Pay Bill' option on the on-screen menu and select the letter T (to display companies listed starting with the letter T). There are however two entries for TM. TM Malaysia Berhad and TM Net. To pay for landline and Streamyx charges the correct one to choose is TM Malaysia Berhad, otherwise you will get an error message saying that the account number you entered is not in the correct format.

Also, the default billing language for TM is Bahasa Malay and, while the bills are not too difficult to interpret for those who do not speak / read Bahasa Malay it is easy enough to contact them (I used the 'Contact Us' facility on the TM website) and asked if the billing language could be changed to English. After a couple of days I got a call back to confirm it had been done. One thing you will see on the contact form is a space for the IC (ID card) number. Unless you have one, merely break you passport number up until it fits and each of the three boxes has at least one number in it and the card will then be accepted. No more 'Google Translate' for this bill ;-)

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