Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blogger: Correcting Page Display Problems

Today I encountrered some fairly significant problems with formatting in that the blog seemed to just go to rats with the side bar displaying wrongly at the foot of the page. This has happened before. Apparently it is related to HTML formatting tags which get out of place. A search of Blogger help found this solution:

"There is an easier fix. You can identify the post simply by opening each post individually until you find one that has the dropped sidebar. Once you have found it, edit it and click back and forth between html and Compose a couple ot times. this will automatically correct the tags. You can then publish and the sidebar will be restored."

The full solution can be found here (it is quite a common problem and might plague you for hours unless you know the fix). So if you get hit by the format bug, this is the fix!!!

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