Friday, 23 September 2011

Bagan Bar and Restaurant: Trio Menu & Farewell Parties!!!!!!! (Fri 30 Sept / Sat 1 Oct)

My favourite bar and restaurant in Penang closes it's doors in it's current location on Saturday 1st of October. On the both the Friday and the Saturday they are hosting a farewell party at the venue and both promise to be excellent nights.

The restaurant, with food by the excellent chef Lance (you really, really should try his 'Trio' menu before they close the doors if you haven't done so already - fine dining at it's best in Malaysia), will be open on both nights until 10:30pm. Some examples from the trio menu are shown below. These shots are quite rushed I'm afraid as this was a social evening I was out to enjoy rather than to take photos!!! We sampled a 5 course meal which was very reasonably priced (prices will vary depending on dishes selected).

Firstly, three of the starter 'Trio' plates including a selection of blinis (sour cream, lemon and caviar; foie gras and fig reduction; mushroom ragout), scallops (lemon caviar; truffle polenta; beurre-blanc with cream) and a duck salad.

Next up was a delightful chicken and potato dish which was mouth-wateringly good.

This was followed by the mains. Here is the first, a trio of duck, with both smoked and pan seared duck breast. All of it was good but the confit for me was the crowning glory, but I do love confit!!

The second 'Trio' mains selections, this one beef. Beef Wellington, pan seared beef with green bean-sprouts and rib-eye with roast potato. You can also choose lamb, chicken or sea-bass.

Finally, a selection of 'Trio' deserts, from top, clockwise: home made ice creams (the brown sugar one was lush!!!); crepes with orange sauce, ice-cream and mandarin; meringue plate.

Fortunately chef Lance will be at the new Bagan so all is not lost if you don't get to try the 'Trio' concept before Bagan closes but it's worth a visit (open every night except Sunday) if you get chance. After 10:30 on the party nights the focus will switch to the live entertainment from singer Rozz and band 'The Frequency" with the excellent DJ Jey playing the hot sounds of the moment between sessions. Many personal invitations have been sent out already the venue will still accept 'Walk-in' guests, at least so long as there is room!!!! I'm sure both nights will be a runaway success.

While it will be sad to see Bagan close it's doors it will be the start of a new era when the new venue opens at MacAlister Mansion, Georgetown, hopefully around the end of October (more details to follow). In the meantime, sister restaurant to Bagan, the Beach Blanket Babylon bar (Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Georgetown), which shares the same site as the excellent '32 at The Mansion', will host a disco every Friday and Saturday from 7 October, again with DJ Jey, until the new Bagan opens. This will also be very interesting given that Babylon in an outdoor venue, a refreshing change maybe with QEII being the main haunt that offers this semi-outdoor experience. Great when the weather is fine, which is fortunately, mostly!!


  1. Yep. Macalister Road. Date to be advised but likely December.

  2. May I know the exact location for the new place of Bagan ??
    Thanks a lot !!

  3. It's under wraps at the moment I' afraid. Unfortunately there have been some delays encountered and the new Bagan will likely not open until March 2012.


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