Monday, 21 March 2011

Why leave the UK?

A question I pondered long and hard before deciding to leave.

I have to say that for the most part I do like the UK, my main concerns are how the country is going, the climate, cost of living and the lack of things to do that appeal to me. I worked in the UAE for two and a half years and while I would NEVER contemplate living there there are things I do miss.

One of the things I looked long and hard at were the reasons many Brits give for coming back having tried overseas. In many cases these relate to missing friends and family, pubs, football, things to do and the scenery. For me the majority of those things don't apply. Football is of no interest to me, pubs of the type I like are few and far between, the things I do I can do anywhere and the scenery, well, when that becomes the main saving grace it's time to reconsider.

I have plenty to keep me occupied in the day but, coming back to what I did miss in the UAE, it's the time when I'm not so busy that concerns me. I find that there is little that appeals to me in the UK and I miss not being able to sit outside at a bar, beach or restaurant most days, running along beaches, visiting well equipped gyms within a short distance and the wide variety of food on offer at the many diverse types of restaurant. Add to that the cost of living in the UK and the weather and it did not take much to decide the UK is not for me, at least for now.

So, off to pastures new to tick those boxes!!

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