Monday, 28 March 2011

Property Ponderings (2)

Some further information coming to light from residents and forum members:

Balik Pulau: Mentioned this district before and as I suspected it is quite a way from anywhere to such an extent it probably would become a drag to live there. No point having a nice landed property with nothing to do nearby requiring a drive, and sometimes a long one, to get to malls, entertainment and activities. The nearest mall so I am told is at Bayan Lepas which means a drive back past the airport and likely encountering traffic from the industrial zones. No thanks. Likely off the list now.

Batu Ferringhi: A bonus with BF is that it's near a beach. Downside, as alluded to before, is that it's some way out and at the end of quite a winding road. Many of the properties are built on the hills surrounding the beach. Once further consideration is that at the end of Tanjung Tokong and the beginning of BF, there is a floating mosque which can get busy on Fridays. I lived in Abu Dhabi for nearly 3 years in a newly re-furbed apartment that was behind a mosque. To my amazement the apartment was single glazed. Double glazing features on my property checklists now!!! That or a local noise check!!

Tanjung Tokong: As has been mentioned, Gurney Drive is very well placed for amenities with most in walking distance. Tanjung Tokong is not far from Gurney (being the next developed area out and before Tanjung Bungah) and is close to Island Plaza, Gurney Plaza, Straits Quay and hospitals etc etc. It is an up and coming area by all accounts and, it is suggested, likely to be a good place to live and invest.

For obvious reasons Tanjong Tokong and Gurney are pretty much at the top of my places to check list at the moment, fortunate considering I will be staying nearby.


  1. It is really a shame that it is so hard to walk on that road. I actually did but you put your life into the hands of passing drivers. But the drivers there have to be extremely skilled not to crash 10 times a day - so you have that going for you. Basically, it was a bad idea to walk from Batu Ferringhi to Tanjung Bunga. I did run across a group of monkeys which was neat and some of the views were great.

  2. I have found Miami beach the best of both worlds. Good bush walking tracks, traffic not bad (even on Fridays) till I get to about the swimming Club, can duck into BF shops for odds and sods or cheap lunch, close to TB market from shopping and breakfast and spectacular view with constant breeze.

  3. Thanks for comments. I shall look forward to checking BF out.


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