Sunday, 20 March 2011


After what seems like a lifetime of working, and being tied to the UK through work and a pension scheme, and after experiencing life overseas for two and a half years in the UAE, I decided it was time to seek pastures new.

Lots of research having been done I decided to start this blog, partly to create a diary of my experiences for personal use and also to provide information, and hopefully some help, to those contemplating the same thing and/or a trip to Malaysia.

My personal experience of the country at this time can be summed up in one word - zero. As time goes on however that will change dramatically with the first trip to check the country out on 19 April 2011. As time progresses I plan to provide details of all that affects me in terms of the planned move with particular consideration to: the visa process; travel to, from and within Malaysia; the areas; hotels; accommodation; food; activities; and nightlife. I am sure there will be more but those are the subjects that I think will be most pertinent early on.

On the title of the blog, well from what I've seen so far Malaysia is the country that appeals to me most and Penang seems to tick most of my boxes. The 'Pick' component relates to my name rather than my view on the best Penang has to offer. As time goes on however it will come to represent both.

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