Monday, 21 March 2011

Flights from UK

I have recently booked a flight from the UK and had some difficulty in getting a reasonable price. Normally I like to book with airlines direct but in this case it proved a bit difficult as the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) site seems to be problematic. The main issue was that for the dates I was interested in they had a number of offers under their 'Deal of the Day' from London to Kuala Lumpur. The flights were advertised at £599. Every time I tried to book though I could only get prices of around £800. Now I accept that these offers can go quick but these had only been up a couple of days and I was looking over a period of many weeks.

Luckily I was recommended a very good and helpful agent in the UK by a forum member. The company is Emerald Travel. I spoke to Bobbie there and she was really very friendly and efficient. Their site is good also and while I could not get the dates I originally wanted, by varying my travel plans to avoid travelling both out AND back within the Easter school holiday period I was able to get a return flight from Heathrow for £593. Prior to booking with Emerald I did again check the MAS site and the price was £749. Two days after booking it was £1,287!!! I really think there is something seriously problematic with their site.

Air Asia do operate flights that I could have got quite reasonably too but they operate out of Stansted which for me is a bit of a pig to get to. With Heathrow I can easily get a train to Paddington then hop across to the Heathrow Connect (I don't use the Express now unless I'm running late as the Connect takes only 15 minutes longer and is less than half the price).

So, my first trip is booked, travel out 19 April and return 11 May. Looking forward to it I have to say.

This is the link for Emerald Travel.

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