Sunday, 2 December 2012

Traffic Summonses - Online and SMS checking

While one would hope that the vast majority of drivers drive safely and attentively enough to avoid getting a summons (ticket) there are two site here in Malaysia that you can register on and use to check whether you have in fact received a ticket that you are not aware of, albeit if you have kept your registration document / details up to date any summons will invariably arrive by post.  In most cases of course drivers will have been stopped by the police or at a JPJ checkpoint and will be aware anyway but in some cases, such as speeding a red-light traffic violations, drivers may not be aware that they have incurred a summons.  The two sites in question are:

2) Rilek

The first one is where you can sign also up for PDRM alerts for any summons you may get, say from a speed camera or 'silent' speed trap.

In addition, there is an SMS service service too.  To use it you need to send a message to 15888 or 32728 which merely says:

POLIS SAMAN #####  (the ##### being your vehicle registration number).

The reply is instant and you hope it will say "Tiada Saman". Each reply costs 20 sen.

If you do have a summons and you want the details you can send the same SMS and after your vehicle number just insert you email address. Details will be mailed to you.

Useful services which hopefully most drivers will not need to use.  On the subject on keeping your registration document and details up to date, this is a legal requirement so, if you move home etc, make sure you notify JPJ (Road Transport Dept.) of the new particulars.

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