Sunday, 2 December 2012

Website: Online Store - Superbuy (Top Pick)

Recently I really struggled to get hold of two 'tech' items here in Penang, despite visiting all the larger retail outlets.  In Europe I would often order goods online and a number of sellers, such as Amazon, have justifiably good reputations when it comes to online selling.

In Penang I have never really had the need to order anything online as I could always find what I needed locally.  In two cases though (a cheap and cheerful modem [not a wifi gateway] and some Sanyo Eneloops AA batteries [the only rechargeable batteries I will use in high end equipment such as camera flash-guns) sourcing them locally was impossible.  Following a few searches I came across the Superbuy site and decided to give them a try.  I have to say that after two successful purchases I am very impressed.  Once registered, online shopping there is easy, they carry a wide range of goods, prices are very good and courier delivery to Penang very reasonable (RM 10 and 7 in respect of the two, albeit small, items I purchased).  If the goods are in stock delivery is very fast, normally within 2 working days.  If the goods are not in stock I found that in my case it took less that a week to deliver.  Importantly their communication is also good as you receive not only an e-mail order confirmation but also an indication when your goods both will dispatch and when they have been dispatched.  They also follow up with a customer satisfaction email.

I can thoroughly recommend Superbuy and as a result of my experience in dealing with them I'm happy to award them a 'Top Pick'.

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