Friday, 14 December 2012

Event: Asia New Star Model Search - Regional Final

Pick of Penang was both delighted and honoured to be invited by Iconic Model Management (event organiser) to be the official photographer throughout this prestigious event, the final of which was held on 12 December 2012, and which will see the two Penang winners fly off to represent Malaysia at the SE Asia Grand Final in Seoul, South Korea in January 2013.

The stunning Amber Chia

Held at one of Pick of Penang's 'Top Picks', the G Hotel, it was a very extravagant event with much by way glitter and entertainment, the central focus of course being the 15 regional finalists (sadly one had to withdraw because of sickness) who were judged by a panel which included my friend, and Asia's top super-model, Amber Chia.....

Raulen Lee

the lovely Raluen Lee, International Director of the Korea Model Association, together with Amee Philips (owner of sponsor Amee Philips Jewellery), Jane See (winner of Asia Model Festival Award 2011) and Sofia Yeng (first runner up - AMFA 2011). DJ for the event was another good friend DJ Chan (DJ at Nueve, Precinct 10, Penang) with the MC role undertaken by Iconic's very own Nelson Lo.

I also had the pleasure to judge and present the awards for Mr and Miss Photogenic. The winners were chosen based on shots I had taken of all the contestants at two locations in G Hotel (an event sponsor) some weeks before.  The awards were won respectively by...

Sampson Chew

Sampson Chew and......

Ginny Chan

the lovely Ginny Chan.

Venice Low

I was also happy as I got to shoot a lot more of a model I really really like here, the lovely Venice Low. A very beautiful model with a wonderful bubbly personality who looks stunning regardless of the mode of dress.  She is very photogenic and can be shot with ease, a real pleasure to work with.

Cherish Ng

I also got to meet and shoot a relative newcomer, the delightful Cherish Ng, an up and coming model who I have a feeling will do well.  Again she has a wonderful personality (and for many photographers and clients it's no personality, no work) and is extremely photogenic. Again, a pleasure to work with.

Final mention must of course goes to the event winners......

Binson Ang with Amber Chia

Binson Ang and......

Windy Chong with Raulen Lee

Windy Chong.

Congratulations to you both!!!  

Binson Ang
Windy Chong

All of the contestants did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with them all, especially Ginny Chan, Jess Tan, Venice Low, Apple Lee, Windy Chong, Cherish Ng and Binson Ang who either are, or through this event have become, good friends.  They can be seen in both the album link above and the Facebook Voting Page hosted at Iconic.  The models can also be contacted through Iconic Model Management through the link above.

The event was of course one with primarily a visual appeal so, rather than endless paragraphs of description, the best thing I think is to provide a link to the album of pictures for the event which can be found here.

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