Sunday, 2 December 2012

Pizza delivery - Domino's (all over Malaysia)

Mostly I tend to eat local feed here but once in a while either a craving, or the mere convenience, of a 'take-away' beckons and one of the things I do enjoy is a good, and I stress GOOD, pizza.  For eating in a restaurant I find the pizzas at Hard Rock Hotel and Michaelangelo's in Gurney Plaza hard to beat but that's not so much use when you want a take away, especially if you want it delivered.  To fulfil that need I have found that Domino's, with branches all over Malaysia (and in many other countries of course), to be excellent in terms of the variety, the quality of the pizzas (and sundry 'side orders'), price, ease of ordering and delivery.  You could of course call at your local Domino's to eat in or collect, 'phoning your order ahead before hand in the latter case if you prefer, but at times even collecting is too much hassle.  Domino's have this all sewn up.

As mentioned, you can telephone your order if you wish and that's fine if you want to AND if you have a menu to hand, but for me, by far the preferred option is ordering online.  All you need to do is register your details at the above site, the details being retained for future orders.  Once registered you need to merely browse through the extensive range of products and, in terms of pizza, select your base(s) and toppings, add what you want to your cart and 'proceed to checkout' where you can either pay online or indicate that you will pay cash on delivery.  For the vast majority of areas delivery is free (subject of course to there being a local Domino's branch) and, if you live within a certain delivery radius, they guarantee to get your pizza to you within 1 hour of ordering, often my deliveries take less than 30 minutes.  The other thing that is useful is that you can even track the progress of your order from the site as it goes through.  In addition to the website link above they have a Facebook Page here.

I have ordered a number of times now and the pizzas without fail have been tasty, fresh and delivered hot, often well before the target time.  Domino's - great pizzas, great prices and an excellent delivery service!  Give them a try!

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  1. Yes great pizza andd fast delivery. It's the same tasty pizza and fast service that I used to enjoy in the US. When you don't want to go out for a meal it is so easy to order on line and get the wine ready for a cozy quick dinner.


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