Sunday, 2 December 2012

Filling up the car / bike

This is just a snippet of information which will largely be of interest to new arrivals here in Malaysia and also to visitors who may choose to hire cars and / or motorbikes.

When filling up with petrol (gasoline) many from the West, particularly Europe, and the Middle East will be more accustomed, when there is no pump attendant, to filling up first and going to the kiosk to pay after.  Here it's different and on a few occasions I've seen motorists standing at the pump clearly confused as to why they cannot draw fuel.  Quite simply, in the vast majority of cases (e.g. unless paying the attendant which some filling stations have) you pay at the kiosk BEFORE you fill up, the cashier crediting either the precise amount to the pump you are parked at or taking a sum off you, returning the change after you've filled up.  I find with a small car like a Toyota Vios or a Honda City RM 50 will be enough to take the tank to almost full from it being close to empty.

It's a system that I actually like as, once paid, you can put the pump nozzle into your filler tube, lock the trigger up and it will automatically click 'off' once the credited amount has been drawn, leaving you to just get back in the car and drive off, no embarrassment of forgetting pay!!!

Most people will of course become familiar with this information after filling up once but this post may make the first visit to the pumps less confusing.

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