Friday, 23 December 2011

'Pick of Penang' Goes Mobile

Picked up the new Vios from Toyota today and have to say I'm very happy. Chin from Toyota even picked me up to go and collect it. Must say I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the handover from Toyota and was even more impressed with the bonus discount they gave me of a further RM 1,000 and RM 200 off the price of the tinting I had done (I went for the best quality CoolTint as I have seen the disastrous results of using cheap rubbish). They also threw in a large umbrella, full set of rubber mats, more fuel than they needed to and a pack-away large shopping bag.

Must admit it's really nice to have the car now, while the buses etc. are fine they are a bit inconvenient at times. Fathoming exactly where the bus-stop is can also be immensely hard in some parts of town!!!

I did drop one clanger though. Flicking through the brochures you can see that the numerous editions of the Vios include a radio/CD player which is listed as 'MP3/WMA'. Ordinarily you might be forgiven for thinking that means that the vehicle comes fitted with socket where you plug in your MP3 player of choice. Not so!!! It means the CD player can play MP3/WMA files from the CD. The system can be switched to 'Aux Input' if an adaptor is fitted 'in some units'. So, if playing music through an iPod/iPhone or whatever is important to you, check that your vehicle has an 'Aux' input. I shall be using the car rarely and even on the longer trips it's no BIG deal. I might explore the option of a retro-fit 'Aux' input but it's an assumption I'd made from the catalogue that was incorrect :-(

I'll post up some more specifics about purchase finalisation, insurance, servicing and such like in a few days but for now I'm just happy to have the car. I was also very impressed with Toyota who handled the whole MM2H tax-refund application for me as part of the purchase. Couldn't have been easier. I will be happy to provide Mr Chin's contact details to anyone interested in purchasing a Toyota, MM2H or not.

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