Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Asia Model Festival Awards - Final (Northern Region)

The final for the Northern Region of AMFA was held at Voodoo in Georgetown, Penang on Friday 2 December. The winner, Jane See, will go to the finals of the event in Seoul, Korea.

Again, rather than upload numerous pictures here, which will string out to a very long post, here is a link to an album of pictures from the event. The lighting and set up was not brilliant, largely because of the restrictions of the venue, so I missed quite a few pics.

One of my friends here in Malaysia is Asia's top super-model Amber Chia and it was her Academy, in conjunction with Intrenasionale, that ran the event. Amber is pictured above (left) with two more friends, the first and second runners up, Sofia Yeng (centre) and Iyvonne Lo.

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