Friday, 23 December 2011

Good Taxi Driver

Mostly, while in Penang, if I have needed to take a taxi I just tend to grab one from the nearest rank and, now I have a rough idea of the going rates, I've always got a reasonable enough deal. Meters here are just for decoration. However, at the top of Penang Road in Georgetown, near the junction with UPR, there is a taxi rank (almost opposite Soho bar) where they even publish their rates to different areas.

At times though it's handy to have a number to call to book a taxi, especially if you have a lot of running around to do. Yesterday I had a lot so I used my trusted taxi driver chum Mike.

The trip yesterday involved:
  • Pick up from Tg Bungah
  • Drive to Downing Street in Georgetown and wait while I went to post office and bank
  • Drive to Bayan Lepas while I went to JPJ / RTD
  • Drive to Sungai Penang and wait at car showroom
  • Drive back to Tg Bungah
Total cost RM 80 with a total 'hired' time of about 3 hours. Very reasonable IMO. It would probably have cost the same flagging individual taxis down and there is a need to bear in mind that a couple of these locations are not near ranks.

So, if you need a taxi for some running around (he does a good price to /from the airport too at around RM 40), drop me a mail from the contact form here (or my profile) and I'll pass on Mike's details.

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