Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rapid Penang Bus Service / Bus Passes

Just a quick update regarding the earlier post about the bus passes here in Penang. I didn't realise until I went to get my latest pass a couple of days ago that the month long passes start on the first of each month so the one I bought on 25th July will start from 1 August. It may well be that if you tried to buy one on the 3rd or 4th they would back date it, but I'm not too sure. Will check next time I'm in town. In this case though I bought a 1 month and a one week pass (e.g. two separate passes) for RM 110.

Just to stress you MUST take a passport copy for each applicant to get either of these passes and, if applying for the one month one you will also need TWO passport photos. The very friendly and charming lady from Rapid HQ who was also in the Information Office that day also advised that the new card charge for the month passes has risen to RM 90. The passes are available to both residents and visitors / tourists.


  1. Can anyone get a monthly bus pass in this manner or only residents. We are staying for 3 months on Penang for starters and wont be using a car.

  2. Yes, the passes are available to both tourists / visitors and locals. Just remember to take a copy of your passport and one passport photo for each applicant.

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