Sunday, 10 July 2011

Appliance Costs

Now, I'm just a bit peeved because just before coming back to the UK I did a trawl round a few malls and noted a few appliance prices down for comparison against UK prices to help decide whether to ship or buy locally. Now, I can't find the notes anywhere!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So, the only snippets I have are a couple of very rough headline costs of a couple of items:

Washing machines: This was quite interesting but whether it was because I'd been to the wrong places or not I'm not sure but front loading washing machines (very popular in the UK) were not very common at all and were quite expensive at around RM 3,000 / £600. Top loaders were much more common and seemed to range from RM 1- 2,000 / £2-300.

Fridge Freezers: These seemed quite comparable to UK costs and tended to be around the RM 1-2,000 mark again.

TV: I found a 50" Plasma at around RM 3,000 and those in the 30" - 40" range seemed to also range from RM 1-2,000. Very reasonable prices and compare well to UK.

Once I get to Penang in late July I will have a look around again and will go much more in depth as i start to list out a few purchases and go into the detail (spec etc.) and look at brands and such like. Posted this now though just in case there are any others looking to move to Malaysia in the near future and looking at the ship or ditch options for what you already own. Personally, I wouldn't ship anything appliance wise unless maybe you were opting for a 20' container to move a house full of stuff and the appliances you had were good and quite new.


  1. You can shop around for best deals. I got mine at SEC at prima Tanjung.

  2. Thanks for that, will check that out first. These prices were from QB Mall and Gurney Plaza IIRC. Wish I could find the original notes I took which were longer and more detailed!!!


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