Friday, 22 July 2011

Pick of Penang - Back in Penang!!!!

And this time the plane ticket was one way!!!!

More posts to come soon and now the pace will step up I think. So much so I had to invest in an iPad 2 to help me keep up when out and about. Well..........maybe it's an excuse.

So, after a loooooooong day of travelling I arrived in Penang at 5pm on Thursday 21 July. Straight to the Evergreen Hotel (and I'm very happy with that too), quick unpack, shower and thought about the sensible thing to do. Hit the sack and get some sleep. Instead I went for some excellent chicken wings at Song River then hit Bagan (where else!!) to see my chums William, Xixi, Sara, Azlan and others. Great night but a 4am finish!!! Talk about dead!!

Up today and straight out with my friend and property agent Catherine Loh and within an hour she had found me a superb rental in Tanjung Bungah which will do me very nicely for 3 years until my apartment is built. Out again tonight, busy weekend and then a hectic week ahead with sorting out MM2H visa related matters and a car. Busy, busy, busy.

Need to dash now and obviously there will be reviews coming up of the flights, Evergreen Hotel and any foodie haunts I hit over the weekend. Watch this space. Pick of Penang - Live from Penang!!!!

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