Saturday, 9 July 2011

All set!!!

Well, after what seems like an amazingly short period of time I'm pretty much set for my return to Penang but this time on a full time basis. I returned to the UK on 20 May and fly back to Penang on 20 July and in that period of time the house has been put up for sale, marketed, sold, completed and all of the related emigration issues have been dealt with. It has, needless to say, been a VERY hectic couple of months!!!!! It will be nice to get a good rest in Penang. It will be a wrench to leave certain aspects of my life in the UK behind, particularly so in one or two respects but, given the decision to relocate to a new life in Penang, overall I am of course delighted to be returning, and being able to do so, so quickly!!!

This time I shall be returning on Singapore Airlines (SA) and flying via Singapore into Penang. In that regard I have to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Bobbie Shukkor of Emerald Travel who managed to get me a flight despite there being no availability ANYWHERE for Singapore Airlines for 20 July AND for being able to get me the flight around £80 cheaper than booking with SA direct. I am travelling in peak season and both availability and price can be challenging. Emerald have again been brilliant and I can thoroughly recommend them.

I decided to go direct to Penang this time as I can get to KL to do whatever I need there once I have settled in Penang for a few weeks, making it much easier luggage/relocation wise. Travelling back to KL and returning by coach with nothing more than an overnight bag will be much easier. I chose SA for this trip as I wanted to give them a spin service/quality wise and because their flight timings with connections etc mean I arrive in Penang at about 5pm in the evening on 21 July rather than 8-9pm. I shall look forward to travelling by SA and doing a review of the service and connection (operated by SilkAir).

So, the adventure begins!!!!!!

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