Saturday, 16 July 2011

MM2H Application Clarifications (2)

Having been advised I have got my MM2H visa I thought I'd clarify just a couple of points that may not be 100% clear from my posts before:

My covering letter was one side and was four paragraphs (and one of those was explaining why the LGC would be coming separately):

1. Who I am, what I did/do (work wise etc.), where my income derived from, how much.

2. Why I wanted to live in Malaysia, where, other snippets (intend to learn Chinese/Bahasa Malay etc.) and desire to integrate etc. etc.

3. The financial criteria I was applying under (on the advice of my MM2H case officer), Govt approved pension in my case.

I left the 4th para off here as it should not be relevant to most, unless your LGC hasn't arrived in time for any personal office visit you may plan. Para 3 consists of a line only so barely qualifies as a para.

In terms of the income/assets, I merely provided evidence of what the SCHEME asks for criteria wise. I figured there was little point in going into other assets etc. chapter and verse but did, on the VERY small Excel gird I did showing converted rates etc, indicate that "To avoid confusion only those assets required to fulfil MM2H criteria have been listed". The case officer smiled and said "good, if they wanted more they'd up the limits, don't confuse things". So essentially it was proof of pension (3 certified salary slip copies) and one bank statement showing the account with an amount that exceeded the RM 350K.

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